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Some of the most popular bitcoin wallets in India include Zebpay, Unocoin, BTCXIndia and Coinsecure. Now the cryptocurrency is hovering at around $13,200 at the time of writing. Moreover, the price of Ethereum has reached an all-time price record as well surpassing $600 per ETH on December 12. For instance after reaching close to $20K per bitcoin the price of BTC dropped to $11,700. Posted by Coinmama on December 13, 2017 A lot more action has taken place since our last weekly update as bitcoin has relentlessly broken new price records once again. in Posted by Coinmama on January 06, 2018 2018 is here, and the cryptocurrency universe is growing fast as the entire economy is now valued at over $727 billion dollars. Suppose you wish to make investment in Bitcoins using Zebpay platform. Posted by Coinmama on December 29, 2017 It looks like cryptocurrencies are going to close out 2017 with a bang as the decentralized currency bitcoin came awfully close last week towards the $20,000 region. Virtual currency is becoming more popular by the minute. Know about the finer differences between bitcoins and a regular currency here. In another surprising move by the decentralized currency’s fluctuating markets bitcoin is breaking everyone’s expectations reaching new price highs nearly every two weeks. Ethereum markets are up well over 5 percent as one ETH is roughly $750 at the time of writing. And at the moment BTC markets are averaging roughly $14,600 across global exchanges. But markets have rebounded nicely the day after Christmas on December 26. Earlier this week the price of bitcoin reached an all-time high of $17,400 across global exchanges after dipping below the $13,000 range just days before. Since then there’s been a considerable correction as bitcoin’s price saw lows in the $12K territory.

Ethereum has been doing extremely well too and also captured an all-time high above the $500 territory. Per usual a lot has happened since our last report with bitcoin, ethereum, and crypto-markets in general. A lot has changed since our last roundup, but that typically has been the case every week this year. Complete Bitcoin buy or sell order: The buy or sell link available on the Zebpay app facilitates you to enter the amount you wish to transact in and complete the buy or sell order. The similarity that such bitcoins share with regular currency is that it is also emerges as a payment method or system. Classroom Subscribe to GoodReturns Bitcoin is an innovative digital or virtual currency form that is controlled by none which implies that like the regular currency there is no issuer to it. Our last report recorded bitcoin reaching $17,400 across global exchanges, and the price pushed up higher touching $19,600 per BTC. On valuation issues relating Bitcoins, the RBI warned with no underlying asset and high speculation, traders dealing on such unregulated exchanges are making themselves subject to potential financial and legal risks. Procedure for Bitcoin purchase in India Bitcoin, a freely tradable currency, can be purchased and sold on the different online exchanges or marketplace available for the purpose. Make transaction payment towards bitcoin purchase in Zebpay Bank A/c: For every Zebpay account, you need to register one bank account with the bitcoin wallet company as it allows only bank to bank transactions. Posted by Coinmama on December 06, 2017 Just when you think things couldn t get any more exciting in the world of bitcoin, it does as the decentralized currency once again smashed some new all-time price highs. The apex body warned investors in such virtual currency of the potential financial, legal, operational as well as security related risk. Bitcoin’s value on November 29 touched an all-time high of $11,395 per BTC across global exchanges. The cryptocurrency community is elated about the price, to say the least. Currently, the price of bitcoin has bounced back to the $16,700 range lifting a variety of multiple digital assets as well. As such, any user, holder, investor, trader, etc.

During our last weekly roundup bitcoin’s price surpassed the $10K zone gaining over $2000 in less than three days. Read more Quick LinksHow to buy bitcoins in India. It’s starting to seem that everyone wants in, yet it isn’t always so easy to get a hold of.Dragonchain.
. ID Verification: To make trading in bitcoin safe and as part of their strong compliance and self-regulatory procedure, you need to submit your PAN card for the verification process. Ethereum markets have had a wild ride reaching an all-time high and crossing the $1000 mark per ether. Posted by Coinmama on November 22, 2017 The price of bitcoin has reached yet another all-time high this week smashing past the $8K zone and now hovers around $8,150 per BTC at the time of writing. Further Ethereum markets have consolidated as one ETH is averaging around $460 per token at the time of writing. Payment is accepted via any of the following modes, including, NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. Commonly referred as decentralized digital currency , bitcoin is created as well as held electronically. Ethereum markets are doing excellent as well, as the currency has jumped 12 percent over the past three days coasting along at $360 per ETH. Posted by Coinmama on November 29, 2017 This week in bitcoin-land has been a thrilling ride as the decentralized currency has surpassed the $10K price range across global exchanges by a long-shot. Now Bitcoin markets are averaging around $16,500 at the time of writing, and the growth continues to astonish everyone. , dealing with virtual currencies will be doing so at their own risk. With no regulated and standardized valuation procedure in place for bitcoins, users, traders and investors need to diligently exercise their purchase. The entire cryptocurrency market landscape has surprised everyone by commanding a $320 billion dollar market capitalization. .


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